Thursday, April 7, 2011

Journal 5 - Learning Connections: Find Free Tools and More (NETS-T I, II, III, V)

Ribera, M. (2011, March/April). Learning Connections: Find Free Tools and More. Learning & Leading, 38(6), Retrieved from

Summary: In her article Maria Ribera, an ISTE intern and vice president for Assessment, Academic and Technology Services at Catholic School Management, Inc., in Madison, Connecticut, describes EduTeacher. EduTeacher is a free resource specifically developed for teachers, students, and parents by Adam Bellow. The resource contains over 1,000 links with more added daily.

EduTeacher is described as an excellent resource for a variety of reasons. The first most important reason EduTeacher is beneficial for those in the educational community is its array of links. Over 1,000 are provided for an audience that spreads the technological aptitude. Further an educator from any grade level and any discipline can discover a source that benefits them in the classroom. A second reason EduTeacher is beneficial is that it allows a user to read user reviews and post their own. This allows a teacher to determine if a site will be useful to them before exploring it. The third major reason EduTeacher is beneficial is that the site describes how tools not designed for classrooms can be repurposed for the classroom.

Question 1: EduTeacher is available for use on smart-phones. How is the design of an application for phones beneficial?

Answer 1: As previously mentioned in a previous journal teachers are not being trusted with a wide variety of technology in the classroom. The ability to have an application allows a teacher to access a resource in their fast-paced lives. Further having an accessible library of resources within the classroom allows a teacher to be more flexible and able to respond to different learning styles. For example if in the first period of the day students struggle with a concept a teacher can quickly discover a resource that teaches the material in a different way before starting second period.

Question 2: How has Bellow been able to develop such a beneficial library of educational resources?

Answer 2: Adam Bellow is the director of technology for College Board Schools. This position allows Bellow to come in contact with a vast amount of sources. Further one can assume that his following gives him feedback on resources he provides which helps him find the beneficial ones and ignore those that are difficult to use.

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