Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...Raul Kohl

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

My name is Raul Kohl and I feel it is imperative that I mention I am in no way shape or form as arrogant as this blog makes me out to be.  Before I get underway with my whole life-story a few basic tidbits are necessary.  I am currently a senor-level history major at the California State University, San Marcos and am 21 years old.  My dream occupation is politics but as my childhood dream was to become a high school history teacher I am currently looking to join the teaching creditably program here at San Marcos.  With a basic understanding of myself let's dive into my life story.

I was born in Sacramento and was immediately adopted by the two people I have always considered my parents.  I have a biological sister but have never met her or my biological parents.  My adopted family moved directly to a communal living society in Central California.  After several years we moved into a small town in Central California where I spent the beginning of my childhood.  At the conclusion of second grade we moved to El Centro for the next two years.  After fourth grade I moved again to the Escondido/San Marcos where I spent the remainder of my public education.  Upon graduation I began attending the California State University, San Marcos.

The first year of college I spent in the University Village Apartments despite living blocks from the school already.  However it turned into the greatest decision of my life because of the opportunity that came about.  Through living in the U.V.A. I joined a fraternity, lived in a house with some amazing friends, and study abroad in England.

In terms of technology I have always been around it.  My father spent my entire life working with computers and so in turn I learned to love it.  It has been incredible watching how computers, music playing devices, and video games have advanced in my lifetime.  It also blows my mind in imagining what technology will be as I get older and how I can use this technology in my classroom.  I am very proficient at many variants of technology and if I'm not have a knack for figuring them out.  I must say that I am a PC although Macs have always had very inviting features.

When I first read the College of Education's Mission Statement (after I had been accepted into CSUSM) I initally thought it to just be a bunch of words on a page.  However upon further review I saw the Mission Statement as an invitation to me due to one phrase in particular...student-driven education.  When I read this phrase I  fell in love because I have always been in classes where the syllabus drives the course not the needs of the students.  I feel that with the term student-driven education in the mission statement I will involve myself in something new and in something I would enjoy.

In closing I just wanted to thank you for reading and don't forget to "Join the Movement" on your way out,

The King
February 3, 2011


  1. Glad to see that there are other greek life members in the class! Thats great to hear that history is your major that is a very interesting field. =]

  2. Raul,
    Glad to someone I have some things in common with. After reading my blog, and just the idea of creating one makes me seem or feel like I think I'm cool. Which I actually gave up on about 15 years ago if not not longer. Second, I finished my History/ Elementary Ed. degree back in 2001, and would love teaching it in either middle or high school. Finally, traveling abroad will definately make you a better teacher, guide and role model in our ever changing multicultural educational system. Good luck!